Keep It Local

Abrasives to zucchinis. High tech to low boys. Roadsters to toasters. Nearly any product or service you want or need, you’ll find right here in Midland County. And if it isn’t here today, there are plenty of places that can get it here quickly.

We’re lucky to have such a vibrant industrial, retail, wholesale and service infrastructure. That’s why we encourage you to shop here before turning to out-of-the-area catalogs or online sources.

That’s because your local purchase keeps money in the local economy. It provides local jobs. It supports your local schools, hospitals, arts and charitable organizations. It contributes to the local tax base. And if nobody buys it locally, it won’t be here anymore.

There’s a lot of really great stuff in Midland. Keep it here. Want to shop online? This would be the place to start. Or contact us if you need additional help.